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What Does Parental Discipline Entail?

Diana Yacobi November 13, 2018

Effective parental discipline techniques

Parenting is a tough task and it becomes more challenging when parents have to decide on which parental discipline techniques would be the best for them and their child. For most parents, disciplining children is all about spanking and punishing them. But such rigid, negative parental discipline can instill fear in . . .

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Kids Who Misbehave – The Reasons

Diana Yacobi November 7, 2018

When kids misbehave in school: Comprehending 3 contributing factors

Teachers often have a tough time handling kids who misbehave. Before deciding how to discipline them for such unruly behavior, they should find the underlying cause for the behavior. That would help them understand why kids misbehave.

When kids misbehave in school, these are the top thr . . .

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Common Adolescence Characteristics

Diana Yacobi October 31, 2018

How to comprehend key development characteristics of adolescence

Adolescence is considered the individual’s transition period between childhood to young adulthood. This is marked by several changes, some of which can be terrifying, uncomfortable, and inconsistent. From physical and emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and personal changes—adolescent . . .

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Importance of Parent-Child Communication

Diana Yacobi October 24, 2018

3 keys to proper communication between parent and child


Good and open parent-child communication is a must to establish a warm relationship with your child. Apart from helping parents understand their children better and see telltale signs of problems or issues, good communication between parent and child can also help the impressionable youngste . . .

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Learning about Language Learning Theory

admin October 16, 2018

What is language learning theory in relation to second-language acquisition?

To answer those wondering what language learning theory is, it’s a process examining how humans learn a language, with their inborn mechanism and with some external factors. Despite over 60 years of research into language learning theory of children, it’s still a myst . . .

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