Being a Jewish American Parent

admin October 9, 2018

A peek into the contemporary Jewish American world of parenting

Mass migration of Jews to America happened between the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Most Jewish American parents in the United States today are 5th-, 4th-, and 3rd-generation descendants of these immigrant families. Unlike their parents who adhered to a strict parenting style . . .

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Parenting Stories from the Hebrew Scriptures

admin October 1, 2018

Consider these parenting tips that are present in the original Hebrew scriptures

Raising kids is a tough task. Parents often seek advice from various people and sources, but religious scriptures would be their last option. Hebrew scriptures in English offer some useful parenting tips that may help guide kids to become confi . . .

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Reading Exercises You Can Do with Your Kids

Diana Yacobi September 25, 2018

Want to increase the love for reading among kids? Try these reading activities for kids

Unquestionably, reading skills lay out the cornerstone of a child’s success in school as well as in the later years of life. Instilling the love of reading can be immensely significant to children’s emotional development and language skills. While children often str . . .

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4 Effective Parenting Styles You Need to Know

Diana Yacobi September 18, 2018

Find out if you are using these effective parenting styles

Parents raise their children in different ways. Parenting styles usually differ in four areas: communication, discipline style, expectations, and nurturance. Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, identified in her 1967 research the different parenting styles—authoritative parenting, autho . . .

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Signs That Your Kid Suffers from Sleep Deprivation

Diana Yacobi September 11, 2018

Here are sleep-deprivation signs that every parent needs to know

Parents may often ignore the symptoms of sleep deprivation that their children are suffering from. These symptoms can lead to a child’s bad behavior and poor performance at school or at home. In today’s competitive world, parents usually enroll their kids in multiple activities that may d . . .

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