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4 Effective Parenting Styles You Need to Know

Diana Yacobi September 18, 2018

Find out if you are using these effective parenting styles

Parents raise their children in different ways. Parenting styles usually differ in four areas: communication, discipline style, expectations, and nurturance. Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, identified in her 1967 research the different parenting styles—authoritative parenting, autho . . .

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Signs That Your Kid Suffers from Sleep Deprivation

Diana Yacobi September 11, 2018

Here are sleep-deprivation signs that every parent needs to know

Parents may often ignore the symptoms of sleep deprivation that their children are suffering from. These symptoms can lead to a child’s bad behavior and poor performance at school or at home. In today’s competitive world, parents usually enroll their kids in multiple activities that may d . . .

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Common Sleep Disorder Treatments for Your Kids

admin September 4, 2018

Treatments for sleep disorder that you can use to give your children a peaceful sleep

Sleep problems in children are basically characterized by a disturbance in the timing, quality, or amount of sleep. Most of these problems are often temporary and can go away naturally, but if symptoms persist, parents should consider seeking sleep disorder treatments to . . .

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Common Sleep Disorders in Kids

Diana Yacobi August 28, 2018

Must-know things for every parent: common sleep disorders in children

When it comes to common types of disorders found in children, the collective issue that tops the list is most likely common sleep disorders.

Similar to adults, the amount of sleep needed by kids . . .

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A Brief Introduction of the Structure of the Hebrew Language

Diana Yacobi August 21, 2018

How you can speed up your child’s Hebrew language learning

Teaching kids the Hebrew language should be done in a fun and interesting manner. Most words of this language are derived from a three-consonant root word, which carries the core of the word’s meaning.

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