Importance of Parent-Child Communication

Diana Yacobi October 24, 2018

3 keys to proper communication between parent and child

parent-child communication


Good and open parent-child communication is a must to establish a warm relationship with your child. Apart from helping parents understand their children better and see telltale signs of problems or issues, good communication between parent and child can also help the impressionable youngsters become confident in expressing their views, develop their verbal competence, understand instructions easily, and enjoy improved emotional literacy. Thus, the children are polite in their interaction with teachers and peers, can resolve conflict peacefully through discussion, and can voice their opinions or views confidently.

According to several parent-child communication articles, there are 3 keys to developing proper parent-child communication.

Giving a safe, open environment to the child

Parents should create a climate of trust and security through open conversation with their children. From saying often how they love their child to how proud they feel of their little achievements (winning a debate competition, learning and reciting a poem, etc.)—the child should be made to feel loved and cared for.

Every day, as parents, you should set aside some time to talk with your child about how their day went, what they did in school, and if something troubled them. Encouraging them to talk and discuss matters freely, listening to them attentively, and respecting their opinion are some effective ways to forge a strong parent-child bond.

Keeping track of the child’s development

While moving through key developmental stages, the child’s competence and workload will change. Parents should keep a close eye on their child’s development by helping them with their projects and exams, offering guidance on achieving educational (or other) targets, and not overreacting when they falter.

A poor grades or failure in a physical activity shouldn’t invite big, adverse reactions because these scare children. Instead, things should be explained to them lovingly.

Involving them in small decisions

While making decisions both big and small, lack of communication between parent and child could adversely affect the child’s self-esteem. As parents, you should encourage your child to participate in decision-making. Whether it’s about where to go for a vacation, or buying grocery, or gifts for a special occasion, encourage your child to chip in and share their views and/or opinions freely.


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