An introduction to read Hebrew now

admin September 10, 2019

Key steps for beginning Hebrew reading

An introduction to read Hebrew now

Those who wish to learn to read Hebrew now should plan the steps well to ensure their journey is a smooth-sailing one. Here are the three key steps for beginning Hebrew reading.

      1. Make it a daily habit to practice the alphabet sounds

Daily Hebrew reading practice is essential for those who want to read Hebrew now. Writing the letters in a notebook and reciting them loudly is important to get the pronunciation right. After one gets familiar with the sounds, s/he can open up a Hebrew text and read the words out loud (even if s/he fails to understand what s/he is reading). Getting familiar with the words and their sounds early on this way would bring huge dividends in the long run.

      1. Learn the vowels

For easy Hebrew reading, learning Hebrew vowels is important. Unlike European languages, vowels in Hebrew aren’t determined by letters. Rather, they are determined by a system of dots and lines that are placed in varying positions around the letters in Hebrew. Learning the vowels would include learning A-type, E-type, I-type, O-type, and U-type vowels along with the Sheva (which is the mark put under a letter that doesn’t have a vowel) and the diphthong (which refers to a cluster of vowels that act as a unit and make a unique sound).

      1. Optimize the use of available resources

As a beginner learning Hebrew, one should optimize all available resources and tools – from flashcards, posters, and flashcard apps to digital books, workbooks, and more. Regular practice using fun and efficient ways like these would benefit the beginners highly.


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