Kids Who Misbehave – The Reasons

Diana Yacobi November 7, 2018

When kids misbehave in school: Comprehending 3 contributing factors

kids who misbehave

Teachers often have a tough time handling kids who misbehave. Before deciding how to discipline them for such unruly behavior, they should find the underlying cause for the behavior. That would help them understand why kids misbehave.

When kids misbehave in school, these are the top three contributing factors:

  1. Testing the limits of acceptable behavior as defined by the school: When kids are under an extremely strict rule that decides how much they can move, talk, eat, play, or get involved in other “normal” actions, the little rebel in them comes out to test how serious these limits are and what happens (consequences, like punishments) when the rules are broken.
  2. Seeking attention: Kids always crave attention—even when it’s negative. In the class or on school premises, when they feel left out, they may throw a tantrum, bully a peer, or get into a fight just to seek adult attention. A majority of kids that misbehave simply want the teachers to take note of them.
  3. Classes or activities that are boring: Kids are inherently curious. These little ones are always searching for entertainment, engagement, and stimulation. Classes and activities that are either too one-dimensional (to spark their interest) or too challenging and information-heavy would make them bored. This, in turn, would make the kids entertain themselves in unruly ways. In fact, a majority of kids who misbehave do so simply out of boredom.

Which other reasons do you think make kids misbehave? Share your views with me in the comments section below. You can also connect with me via my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads profiles. Don’t forget to take a look at my blog to find some more interesting pieces of advice regarding children.



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