An overview of The Aleph Bet Story

admin September 4, 2019

Reviewing the Hebrew Aleph-Bet

An overview of The Aleph Bet Story

The alphabet used in Hebrew is different from what’s used in English. Unlike English, which is written from left to right, Hebrew is written from right to left. In the Hebrew alphabet, the first and the last letters are Alef and Tav respectively. This is why the Hebrew alphabet is also known as the “alef-bet” which refers to the first two letters. Those who find learning and mastering the Hebrew Aleph-Bet a tough task can use The Aleph Bet Story to make the learning process easier and fun.

What’s The Aleph Bet Story?

It’s a unique and fun storybook that teaches the Hebrew letters to learners of all ages. Those getting confused with alphabets that look similar or have curves, corners, toes, and tails in them can now easily remember them.

With its innovative presentation of the Aleph Bet via images and the Aleph Bet chart, this storybook has Sarah and David (along with their friends Rachel and Ben) taking the learners through their adventures one letter at a time. Thus, the readers will find Mem losing its marbles, Gimel looking like a high-heel shoe, and several other interesting images to help them remember the Hebrew alphabet.

Those wondering how The Aleph Bet Story would help beginners learning the Hebrew alphabet should know that with innovative images that link the alphabets to interesting stories, the storybook promises to get rid of the confusion between letters that look similar, thus helping the learners remember the shape of each letter along with its sound. This is why it’s a must-have tool for anyone aiming to learn the Hebrew alphabet with relative ease and even have some fun in the process.



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